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Perspective changes everything.

I just finished “Three Martini Lunch” by Suzanne Randell. Devoured it in two days. A novel about the publishing world in the 1950s the is told in three voices. A well to do white man, an ambitious …

Jul, 01

Sundance Film Festival 2015

Headed off again to Utah for another round of the┬áSundance Film Festival. This marked our 14th year of festival going. All in all, saw eight films, which is a pretty good run for a short trip.…

Feb, 06

Three things about The Grand Budapest Hotel

I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson. I love how his movies are set in almost dreamlands, so complete and absolutely immersive. Though all Wes Anderson films can spout a million and one tangents on any number of topics, I …

Mar, 18

Oscar’s New Look

In honor of last nights Oscars, I read a bit about the updating of the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences recent logo revamp.…

Mar, 03

Ice Experiment

I went to Aurora Picture Show’s screening Saturday night of the work of MK12 given by one of their members, Ben Radatz.…

Feb, 18

Olympics Ring Logo

In honor of the Olympics, I did a little research into who came up with the original logo.…

Feb, 12

Titles Sequence: Pillow Talk

More in my series of old movies and the designer behind the title sequence.

Feb, 03