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Perspective changes everything.

I just finished “Three Martini Lunch” by Suzanne Randell. Devoured it in two days. A novel about the publishing world in the 1950s the is told in three voices. A well to do white man, an ambitious …

Jul, 01

Impromptu Pet Portraits

Photographing some newer work this afternoon when the animals decided they wanted to be in the picture.…

Jul, 11

Photo walk

Walks on a leisurely Sunday to try out a new camera lens are a great way to recharge creative batteries.…

Mar, 01

Ana Serrano

I recently ran across the work of artist Ana Serrano. I’m sorry to say, I did not see the exhibit at the Rice Gallery here in Houston. I am always amazed at the diversity of the artists and mediums …

Aug, 10
Photos from the March series of Photo A Day.

Photo A Day March 2013

Photos from the March series of Photo A Day.
Apr, 01

Photo A Day February 2013

I am trying a new thing this year, where I am working on taking at least one photo everyday. Click on the thumbnails below to view the images.

Feb, 28

Menil Community Arts Festival

Menil Community Arts Festival features the art venues around the famed Menil Collection. Design included logo, signage, handout guides, banner ads, print ads and postcards.…

Apr, 20