Sharp Egg

In an Eggshell

A highly conceptual artist and the owner of Sharp Egg, designer and programmer, Jenny Conte is driven by innate creativity to develop industry-specific communication solutions.

Starting Sharp Egg more than ten years ago, her commitment to intuitive design and flawless functionality enables clients to make a real connection with consumers.

An astonishing multitasker who is always on schedule, Jenny is well-respected by clients and fellow creatives for her design versatility, can-do spirit, and easygoing nature. Whether developing a concept or ensuring that new pieces match the look of an established brand, Jenny feels fortunate to love what she does and is known to pass on that zeal to all who partner with her on a project.

Schools & Skills

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston and was selected to study design in summer abroad program in The Hague, Netherlands by the Detroit Center for Creative Studies.